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Over 50 Car Insurance

On this car insurance page at Sumps you will find car insurance providers who specialise in offering policies and discounts for the over 50s.

Being over 50 in the car insurance market is a definite advantage. Insurers base their prices on the risk attached to them offering insurance cover.... drivers over 50 years old represent a lower risk for the insurance company so they are able to offer car insurance at at a discount.

You, as an older careful driver will be looking for car insurance with protected no claims, and all the insurers on this page will offer that as an addition to the policy or as part of the standard quotation. Other ways to lower car insurance costs are to seek online discounts and always, always compare more than one company.

As well as seeking car insurance quotations from the companies listed here, it is of course, worth asking your own insurer whether they have taken into account your age if you have just turned 50 years - you might gain a significant discount on your car insurance just by asking at your renewal date - this is an easy way to lower your car insurance - you just have to ask.

Remember, sumps is NOT a car insurance wiki, neither is it a car insurance blog - I write, edit and publish all the car insurance information and reviews here.

(Over 50 Car Insurance Last updated: 20/09/11)

Over 50 Car Insurance Providers

Axa Car Insurance are currently running a TV advertising campaign in the UK for car insurance cover to experienced drivers. Axa Car Insurance are seeking to reward older, experienced drivers with a good no-claims insurance history with lower car insurance premiums. (August 2011). Additionally, Axa Car Insurance have been running a television advertising campaign offering 90% discount to experienced drivers - yes 90%! (September 2011).
(Last updated: 20/09/11) | Axa Car Insurance

Castle Cover Car Insurance are based in Poole, Dorset and specialise in arranging car insurance cover to those over fifty years of age. Castle Cover Car Insurance work closely with a selected number of insurers, such as AXA, Legal & General and Royal & SunAlliance Insurance Company. Castle Cover Car Insurance Features and Benefits include: Free, Protected No Claims Discount up to 65%, Free Courtesy Car, Free Windscreen Cover on Comprehensive car insurance policies, Cover to drive any car, 24 hour insurance claims line, UK Call Centre in Poole, Dorset. Castle Cover Car Insurance only deals with the over 50's. Freefone number (0800) at website. CastleCover Car insurance with protected no claims for the over fities. Castle Cover advertise widely that they ONLY sell car insurance cover policies for the over 50s. CastleCover Insurance for the over 50s are currently running a TV campaign in the UK. (October 2010).
(Last updated: 22/10/10) | Castle Cover Car Insurance

RIAS Car Insurance specialise in offering car insurance to those over fifty years of age. RIAS car insurance features include: car insurance with protected no claims discount, 24 hour claims service, free courtesy car while yours is being repaired, fast repair service, extra personal accident cover, extra discounts for low annual mileage, overnight garaging and cars over 4 years old. Over 50s car insurance cover from Rias can include: Protected no claims discount, (Terms & Conditions apply); 24-hour claims service; A free courtesy car while yours is repaired (for fully comprehensive car insurance policies); Fast repair service; Personal accident cover; Extra discounts for low annual mileage, overnight garaging and cars over four years old; Cover for up to 91 days when driving in the EU; Up to 500 cover on lost or stolen keys. Rias are currently running an advertising campaign on the digital TV channels.
(Last updated: 19/01/11) | RIAS Car Insurance

SAGA Car Insurance arrange car insurance policies only for people who are aged 50 and over. Saga offer an online discount for policies purchased over the Internet. Experience (and accident statistics) shows that drivers over 50 are less likely to make a claim on their car insurance than those under 50 and SAGA by specialising in car insurance for the over 50s can offer substantial discounts. SAGA Comprehensive Car Insurance Features: Car insurance with protected no claims. Replacement car if yours is being repaired by one of the SAGA approved repairers following an accident anywhere in the UK for a maximum of 14 days. Cover when driving in the European Union, at no extra cost and for an unlimited period. Protected No Claim Discount available. Emergency 'any driver' cover - anyone with a full licence can drive your car in a medical or motoring emergency provided you are also in the vehicle. Get you home cover - up to 300 per incident for the policyholder and occupants of the vehicle for hotel and travel expenses incurred as a result of an accident. Personal belongings - Cover up to 1000 for your personal belongings carried in or on your vehicle if they are lost or damaged following an accident, fire, theft or attempted theft involving your vehicle. During December we will increase this limit to 2000 to cover gifts you buy and receive. Variable excess levels - choose to pay more towards the cost of each claim and we can reduce your premium - this could be a good way to lower car insurance costs when you are over fifty years old. SAGA could be the right car insurance choice if you are over 50.
(Last updated: 13/01/10) | SAGA Car Insurance

Senior Car Insurance will put forward your details to a panel of insurers on the basis of you being over 60 years of age at the time of the quotation. Instant online quotation is possible. Senior Car Insurance can offer car insurance with protected no claims for the older driver. Senior Car Insurance UK is part of the Swinton Insurance Group.
(Last updated: 13/01/10) | Senior Car Insurance

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