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Car Insurance

Welcome to the Sumps car and motor insurance website.

Here I have reviewed many of the leading UK car insurers offering cover, or car insurance quotes online. Most of the research was done as part of my own quest for the best quote for my personal car insurance. I became interested in the many, many auto insurance brokerage sites and insurance comparison sites offering car insurance quotations online - it is a very, very competitive market. By the way, sumps is NOT a car insurance wiki - all the work, and all the information here is written, edited and published by just one person.

Many car insurers with a World Wide Web presence are offering an online discount if you purchase your car insurance online. Keep this in mind when comparing quotations, an online insurer may be worth using for this reason - a ten or fifteen per cent discount on your car insurance could amount to a significant saving.

(SUMPS Car Insurance Last updated: 28/03/13)

One of the most important things in my own purchasing experience of buying car insurance online is that it helps and can significantly inform the buying decision to know exactly who it is that you are buying your car insurance from.

This can help from the standpoint of many questions you may have about your car insurance purchase; Customer Service; Will the company assist you in making and managing a claim? Do they have a 24 hour accident help-line, What is the company's track record for customer service in other areas of its business? (easily checked by visiting online review sites). Reliability of the Company; Linked to previous.... check out online insurance or finance review sites... are other customers of he company satisfied with the product and service? Longevity; Is the company likely to be around to honour the insurance contract you have taken out with them?

These, are, of course, just examples. As a wise consumer it is in your own interests to do your research and make an informed decision on your car insurance purchase, whether you purchase online or offline. I hope the SUMPS car insurance information pages help with this.

I have therefore organised the SUMPS car insurance pages into insurance categories that reflect exactly who the insurance providers are that you will visit on the World Wide Web.

Making the SUMPS car insurance pages your starting point in your search for value for money car insurance (notice I didn't use the word cheap) means you will have some idea as to whether who you are buying from are likely to provide you with the insurance cover you need and acceptable service.

SUMPS Car Insurance

As this car insurance information and the online discount offers presented by online car insurers can change extremely rapidly, I have shown a "Last Updated" date for all the information added to the Sumps Car and Motor Insurance pages - please bear this in mind when considering an online car insurer and make sure the offer and / or information is current or still available. Please take time to view the Sumps Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

It is also a good idea to get more than one car, motorbike or other vehicle insurance quotation before you purchase. Make sure you shop around! Some insurers may offer to beat a quote you already have, so it can definitely help to save money to have more than one car insurance quote in this instance.

I will be including pages for four wheel drive car insurance here, Off Road and 4x4 Car Insurance, performance car insurance, hire and reward insurance (for mini-cab drivers and taxi operators) and motor-bike insurance....... use the navigation at the top and bottom of every Sumps page. There is already a classic car insurance page. If you are looking ways to lower your car insurance or even car insurance for young first time drivers you have found the right page!

Also there are pages that cover specialist car insurance for young drivers including classic car insurance for 17 year olds,

I will continue to update the Sumps pages with new vehicle insurance pages, new offers, information and discounts relating to online car and motor insurance so be sure to bookmark Sumps - this information will be of no use to you if you can't find it again! Take my word for it - I, too, have had good intentions to re-visit a page I liked again..... only to never find it again because I didn't bookmark! (Ctrl D to bookmark) Or submit to your favourite online bookmark service:  |  Digg it!  | (Press Ctrl and D - to bookmark)

SUMPS Car Insurance for Women

I have added a new car insurance for women page that features online insurance providers who quote solely for women drivers.

I have added a new over 50 car insurance page that features online insurance providers for drivers over fifty years of age.

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